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Yoga is a fantastic way to bring so many benefits to your staff. Many employers now recognize, encourage and actively promote activities that will enhance their employees health and wellbeing.

Stress is a leading cause of many health problems in our society today, and our jobs are one of the leading causes of stress, both physical and mental. Many of us have sedentary jobs where we are sitting for long periods of the day, hunched over our desks and computers. The effects of so much sitting are very damaging to the body, not only to our posture, our neck and spinal health, but sitting also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and encourages obesity, we can’t burn calories while sitting.

Workplace related stress is also a leading cause of colds, viruses, headaches & sleeplessness.  All of these factors can contribute to a workforce that is functioning at less than optimal levels of mental and physical health.

Our workplace and lunchtime classes can be practiced by anyone, of any age, size, shape or fitness level.  (There are some contraindications to practice, please see our FAQ’s below).

Yoga improves and relieves back & neck stress & strain, increases feelings of wellbeing and relaxation, allows our bodies much needed physical activity, and provides a wonderful break for the mind from the constant thinking and busyness we experience as we go about our daily tasks.

A yoga class is also a great team building activity, and a lovely way for co-workers to interact with each other in a relaxed and fun environment. Happy healthy people are less stressed, take fewer sick days, are more productive, creative and energised. Classes consist of a series of asana (postures) designed to release tension in the neck shoulders, spine & hips, breath awareness and a beautiful relaxation at the end of the class to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised.  All that is needed is a yoga mat or a towel.

One of the wonderful things about yoga, is that once you have learned it, it is totally portable, many of the postures and breathing exercises we do in the class can be adapted for use anytime during the day whilst sitting or standing, to rebalance and centre the body and mind.  Learning how to stretch for stress release or taking a few deep yogic breaths can be incredibly helpful and effective.

Classes are between 45-60 minutes in duration.  You can book one session as an experience for your staff, or an ongoing class, or a 4 to 6 week course, and the best thing is, we come to you.

We also provide meditation and deep relaxation classes and courses.

Please see our FAQ’s below for more info and get in touch with us through the contact form below, or even better, ring Jo, 027 206 8883 or 04 563 5901.


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Class Fees & Payment Terms

The fee for Wahi Mahi Yoga is $150.00 per class.  This fee is for a 45-60 minute class.

Class fee payments can be structured in several ways.  The fee can be fully company funded, co-funded partly by the company with students paying a part fee per class, or fully paid by the staff attending the classes.


Your company (or social club/nominated staff account) will be sent an invoice for the classes.   If you are booking for ongoing classes, these will be invoiced in block amounts and are to be prepaid before the classes commence.

Your company or social club will be invoiced directly.  We do not take cash payments or payments on the day from individual students.

What do students need to bring?

Simply themselves in warm comfortable clothing they can move easily in.  Layers are great as we warm up during the practices.  A yoga mat or a towel.  We will bring 10 yoga mats to the classes, but for ongoing classes, it is preferable for students to have their own mats.  Yoga mats can be purchased quite cheaply at The Warehouse & Rebel Sports.

Are the classes suitable for everyone?

The wahi mahi classes are suitable for nearly everyone, including complete beginners.  They are not suitable for pregnant women, or those with a serious medical condition i.e. cancer, heart disease or for those who have undergone recent surgery.  If a staff member is unsure of whether yoga is suitable for them, please ask them to contact Jo by email or phone directly for a confidential chat.

How much space do we need?

A meeting room or good size office where furniture can easily be moved against walls is great.  Yoga doesn’t take up too much space, a yoga mat is generally the size of a body lying on the floor, they are about 180x60cm.  Enought space to fit the number of students coming to the class.  I have taught classes in large meeting rooms and halls where there is huge amount of space, and smaller offices were we are much closer together, cosy or a litte further apart, it’s all great, once we begin our practice, we really don’t notice the person next to us so much.

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