Wahine Aura – Ora mō ngā Wahine


Wahine Aura is a system of healing specifically for women.  And even more specifically, for Woo Women.

Are you are Woo Woman? 

woo wom•en adj. n. 1. an adult female person, that is over worked, over tired, and over it. (you can insert as many more over words as you like here……)

Wahine Aura is a multi faceted approach, that utilises korero – where you get to talk about you, what is going on for you, what needs healing in your life, yogic chakra physiology, reflexology endocrine balancing, colour, and hands on healing as it’s foundational tools. 

So what is going on for you?   If you need healing, if you need some time just for you, if you are struggling with a health issue that you just can’t get on top of and it’s worn you down, or if your job, kids, partner, parents or just plain old sometimes incredibly hard, life, has worn you down, then Wahine Aura is for you.

Wahine Aura rejoices in your uniqueness, allows you to feel deeply into who you are, where you have been, where you want to be, and who you might become.

It enlivens and sparks your own innate healing wisdom, bringing more light, and a renewed sense of vitality and energy to the whole of your being in times of need.

Colour has been used for thousands of years as a powerful healing modality.  Colour has a profound effect on us, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We utilise colour in our healing session as a map, a guideline to show us what is calling out for healing.

Yogic physiology is related to the chakras.  Each chakra is a universe unto itself, a vortex of energy that controls the prana/life force within both our physical bodies and the subtle energetic body.  They govern different aspects of our personality, our physicality, including the endocrine system, organs and body parts.  By looking at our health issues through the lens of chakra physiology we can better get to the heart of the matter and more easily understand where we need to work to heal ourselves

Reflexology is a wonderful system that works through hands on pressure to the feet.  An endocrine balance, acupressure point work and hands on healing compliment and complete this part of the process.

A Wahine Aura session is 60 minutes and the fee is $90.00

Your session fee includes a beautiful Chakra Lights essence bottle for you to take home,  to enhance and continue the work of energising and harmonising all aspects of your physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic health.

Ready to get started?

Create harmony in the body and the body will heal itself”  – Mike Kelly

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