Have you ever thought about coaching, and what it can do for you?

Do you wonder what it is, how it can help, and is it even a real thing?

Well yes, it absolutely is a real thing, and, yes it really can help you achieve what you want to achieve

Whether in life or in business, coaching can give you clarity, direction, focus and set you on the path to create and enjoy a life and/or business that you really love.

Hi I’m John aka Yogi John.  I am a certified coach and hold a Diploma in Professional Coaching.  I am a husband, father of 5 beautiful kids, and 7 beautiful grandkids.  A published writer, musician, diver and yogi, these are just some of the many hats I wear!  (When we meet, you’ll see, I have many many hats, real hats, knitted, crocheted, home made, store bought, I love hats).

I’ve been a competitive body builder, boat builder and business owner.  I’ve been an employee, an employer and self employed, you could say I’ve got around a bit.

My many hats have given me many skills and I am passionate about helping others fulfill their potential, and passing on the skills and tools I have learnt along the way in creating my own beautiful life.


I work with individuals and heart centered businesses, people just like you, who are looking to make a change.  Who are ready for the next step in creating their own beautiful life.

“Every moment is an opportunity for change”

That’s my motto right there.  You may have found yourself stuck, confused, off track or have simply lost your way.  You know change needs to happen, but you just don’t know how to go about it, or what steps you need to take.  You may be questioning, everything!  Who you are, what you are doing, why you are doing it, and where the heck everything is going?

What you probably need the most right now, is clarity and space, a little bit of breathing room, and the help to know what comes next, and how to get there.

That’s where I come in, yep, it’s Yogi John to the rescue, high ho silver and a cool hat to boot.  But seriously, I love to help people step up, step out and take that first step into the unknown.

Coaching basically works like this.  You talk, I listen, then I talk, and together we map out how you are going to get from your current here to your future there.

All you need to do right now is get in touch to book in your free 15 minute discovery session.  Let’s find out what you need to get you started on your journey, and together we’ll make some life and biz magic happen.




See that sun shining through the treees  ….

….  that sun is waiting for you my friend !

Hey John I’m not sure if coaching is right for me?


The million dollar thought, what happens if I take a step into the unknown?

Don’t worry, I know where you’re at.  I’ve taken that step many times, and have helped many other people take it as well.  It all really starts with that first step.

My belief is that the reason we get stuck, the reason we can’t seem to move forward, even though we know there is something so great waiting for us, but it feels like it’s just out of reach, is, the fear of the unknown.

What have you got to lose by giving coaching a try, not a million bucks that’s for sure.  But a small investment in yourself now, could set you on the path to your first million, or your dream business, your dream house, the life and relationships you’ve always wanted……

So take that first step, get in touch, we’ll have a free 15 minute meet and greet phone call, make sure we’re a good fit and we’ll go from there.







Take the leap ….




….  You know you want to!

Fees Condtions & Payment Options


Our first meet and greet get to know each other, do we like each other, does it feel like a good fit, a meeting of minds, maybe even of hats – Absolutely 100% Free

Ongoing coaching sessions – $75.00/ 60 minute session.

Emails inbetween our phone calls – Free

Yes, sometimes, I give little pep talks in between each session, they’re good, you’ll like them, I’m kind of funny.  Or a little bit of homework, just to help you on your way.

You know it’s gonna be like planting a tree right?  There’s some ground work to do before we see the first branches and leaves, and then come the fruit.  Sweet, juicy, delicious fruit.

I want you to imagine this, you standing somewhere, on the beach, a mountain top, wherever feels good to you, biting into that fruit.  That is what you’ve got to look forward to, whatever your fruit is, you can achieve it, you can do it.

I believe in you, and I’m gonna teach you how to believe in you too.

After our initial free 15 minute chat and you have decided to go ahead with coaching, we will make a time to meet for our first session.

Prior to that session you will be sent an invoice payable by direct credit or credit card.

Payment is due before the session.

If payment is not received, your session will be cancelled.


How Many Sessions will we have?

Great question.  It totally depends on your needs, what you want to achieve, and how your journey evolves over our time together.  You may need just one session to get you back on your feet.  Or, we may do several sessions.  There is no minimum or maximum, it’s your journey, your destination.  Keep in mind you will be setting and achieving your goals.  I don’t want to coach you for life, I want you to live your life, and rock your business to your fullest and best potential.


Cancellations and Change of Appointments

We know things can get busy and you may have an urgent committment arise.  You can cancel or reschedule your booking through our online booking system with 48 hours notice, sessions cancelled within 48 hours will incur the full fee of the session, no refunds or transfers of the booked session will be available.

*We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your booking.  If this occurs and the new booking times we offer do not suit, we will issue a refund for the session.

“The first step to getting somewhere, is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are” – Chauncey Depew

Contact details

Hutt Yoga

519 Stokes Valley Rd,
Stokes Valley,
Lower Hutt,
Aotearoa New Zealand

Phone: +64 4 563 5901
027 206 8883
Email: jo@huttyoga.co.nz

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